Project: #Photoetry 

A collection of poems inspired by a collection of collaborations with a few photographers of various skill and style.

Photo Credit: @lostinnorth – Theme: Adventure




Let your heart wander

May it tread for the hills

Beyond the trees

Seek new adventures

in the form of cheap thrills

Basking in the gifts of nature

Where souls fly free

And living waters are poured

to the point of overfill

Photo Credit: – Theme: Focus on the Horizon




Keep your eyes on the horizon

And witness the morning sun

Things can’t feel serene

walking with your head hung

Trust each step your feet meet

Should you fall, don’t feel beat

Instead Momma said

To hold up your head

Focus on the horizon

Pick yourself up without dread

Brush the dirt off your cheeks

Remember, what you have sown

Is yet to be reaped

make your way through the forest

of dark memories

Follow your path

And trust God has your back

You won’t believe what you’ll see

Or how outstanding

you are destined to be

Photo Credit: @Kopacetikx – Theme: Revival / Growth Mindset




She was a dangerous woman

The kind you thought you’d never meet

Wrong in all the right ways

To make your heart skip a beat

Yet as dainty as a flower

Destine to be sultry

Growing roots of such beauty

Amongst a decedent dust of mourning

Photo Credit: @buckar008 – Theme: Mental Health /Growth Mindset




In a mere moment of solitude

Spent within nature

Sipping tea amongst the trees

I sit back and ponder

how the weight of my anxieties

have been lifted

Whisked off into the distance

Drifting into thin air

As if the forest is God’s natural opiate to despair

And how unlikely it must be

to seek self-discovery

sitting at the base of the trunk of an old existing tree

Thoughts spontaneously lead to

how quizzically fascinating I found it to be

As if almost habitually the proverb manifested before me

Like a song from the forest

A prevalent gift from the trees

Softly singing reminders of exactly how painstakingly patient

a tree must be to transform from mere seed

into a strong rooted tree

Learning to dig yourself out of a hole

in which you were planted firmly

Rising to the surface only to weather life’s storms

To stall tall on your own

building a burly backbone

Not succumbing to circumstance

living to prevail all of life’s dips

and enjoying each bliss

Yes. Losing myself amongst the trees

Will forever remind me

That whatever life throws

I am still a seedling sprout without a doubt

eager to grow

Knowing that soon enough it will be

tough to break the bark I’ve burrowed



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